Our story

Howl will we ever live without our pets?

They expand our hearts with more love. They fill us with huge surges of joy. They’re family. So as a member of our family, don’t they deserve the best?

No nonsense, no additives. Just 100% natural, gentle and paw-riffically safe goodness.

At Bell and Collar, our joy comes from pampering your furry family member with nature’s best remedies.

That is why our range of products are formulated with a host of natural ingredients so that even the most sensitive of skin can reap the full benefits from them so that your furry family member won’t only smell good, their fur will shine with health too!

Ready to give your furry loved one an ulti-mutt pampering experience?

Browse our range of products now to give them the indulgence they deserve. After all, our pets need self-care too.